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'A beautiful performer with stunning movement, Beth Williams presents a clean and stylish act, teeming with gorgeous flow and grace'

This Is Cabaret



'Beth Williams has used her time well and is a dream on aerial straps. Her act is beautifully polished and instantly bookable for any circus show or cabaret night'

The stage



'I was particularly impressed with Beth Williams' sweet innocence as she presented first a pole dance and then - surprisingly- a graceful aerial straps segment, where her physical strength contrasts well with her delicate demeanor'

The Circus Diaries.


'Beth has created an incredible synthesis of ballet and aerial art. Years of training see her achieving seeminly impossible splits, pivots and tumbles, all while poised in mid-air. Beth was destined to be a performer'

Dekat Magazine, South Africa

'A beautiful act'

Heidi Klum, Model, Public figure

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